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Underground Yoga - $36

2 DVD Set

Underground Yoga is a film by Bill and Esther Gentile made in June 2007 in the new Yogahall in Eftalou (Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece).

This is a 2 DVD box.
DVD 1 contains the movie and asanas.
DVD 2 contains interviews with Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, also interviews with students and an extra movie with an overview of Eftalou, Molyvos.

Move inside
Everything we teach is about helping you to move inside and experience Yoga in a way that gives a sense of depth and warmth to yourself and your connection with the environment.
This is a chance to deepen your Yoga practice.

Living Breath, From Inside Out - $42

Book IV

Victor's fourth book: Living Breath, From Inside Out, an exploration and description of breath and yogic energy, in the manner of Angela's and Victor's yoga teaching, is now available for purchase. This book has just been published and is available from Ganesha Press.

This talk about 'Living Breath' was recorded by iHanuman at the Satchidananda Ashram in November 2006.

The book, 'Living Breath', is dedicated to Jarvis Jay Masters about whom Angela and Victor talk in this interview.

From Inside Out: Body Energy - $42

Book III

"From Inside Out, Body Energy." The third yoga notebook, is a deluxe, large size, 140-page book of new text and all new drawings and illustrations.

Independent Publisher Book Awards 2004 -- Finalist

You have heard Angela say that, "The body loves images." In this book Victor visually creates many of the images from their teaching. They are further brought to life with detailed notes and commentary. He shows the alignment with the energy of gravity and with the flows of energy within your body and between your body and the earth and sky.

"... an idiosyncratic, uncompromising excursion... Van Kooten's own drawings illustrate dynamic principals in our bodies, our psyches, and the universe. His gift for illustration and penchant for poetic language is evident on every page."
-Yoga Journal

"Moving beyond fixed forms of Asana ...Victor helps students to find the source of movement deep within themselves."

From Inside Out - $42

Book II

Based on the positive response to our first book -- From Inside Out, we are pleased to offer you "From Inside Out II." This, our second yoga notebook, is a deluxe, large size, 160-page book of all new text and all new drawings and illustrations. Click for a preview.

From Inside Out, Book II: A Yoga Notebook Yoga is the deep connection that enables you to leave the "sameness" of living far behind and sing your song like a lark, sky high. This volume from Angela and Victor will inspire readers to live fully individual lives. Full of life and full of love, the original art and profound teachings in this second volume will inspire you to jump into chaos with open arms and the eyes of a newborn.

From Inside Out - $42

Book I

"From Inside Out" is a yoga notebook from the teachings of Angela & Victor.

Victor's first Yoga notebook "From Inside Out" is available once again. Featuring original art and insight into the world of yoga, "From Inside Out" is a beautiful addition to your library and a valuable guide to expanding your perspective on life. Here's what some readers are saying about Angela and Victor's approach to yoga and "From Inside Out."

"They teach you Asana from inside of the body, disentangling riddles of muscles and mind. The result is a sweet understanding of the core of yoga."

A Personal Journey: Breath with Angela Farmer - $25

Audio CD (2-CD set)

Angela's two and one half hour two-CD set contains her talks including Rooting Like a Tree, Inanna's Story, Loving all your Children, and talks, instructions and guided meditations on breath. Lisa Stendig was inspired to spend 300 hours editing recordings from workshop classes to create this beautiful double CD that focuses on Angela's teachings about the Breath.

Listening to Inner Voices - $25

Audio CD (1 CD)

This single CD contains guided meditations to bring you more in touch with your true inner being, bringing your awareness to your Higher Inner Voices. Beautiful audio quality. Tracks include Introduction; Story of Inana; Descent to Underworld; A Personal Explanation; Meeting Deep Places Inside; Sitting; Laura's Exploration; Taking it Further; Finding Back our Wholeness; This is Who I Am!

Inner Body Flow - $25


Angela Farmer's newest video, "Inner Body Flow", is an introduction to the vibrant concepts of Inner Body Yoga. This DVD video allows the student to participate at their own level as Angela instructs a class. Angela Farmers writes, "I look for the energy that flows through all of of us and brings with it a sense of freedom and joy."

"Angela has tapped into the subtle essence of Hatha Yoga asana, sensuous rather than static, self-expressive rather than imitative. I've watched hundreds of yoga videos over the last 16 years, and to me, she's one of the most inspiring teachers we have."
– Richard Rosen of Yoga Journal

The Feminine Unfolding - $25


A timeless yoga classic! "The Feminine Unfolding" tells the story of Angela's yoga journey and explores key themes that have shaped her practice. Through interviews, workshop highlights and yoga flows, Angela urges us to listen inside to our own authentic way of moving so that we may open to profound feelings of vitality, empowerment and ease.

In traditional approaches to yoga, the poses are often emphasized while the process of exploring them is overlooked. In her highly acclaimed DVD, Angela Farmer offers a refreshing alternative that returns us to the very source of yoga - those deeply felt streams of life that long to pour freely through each of us. Beautifully produced, this DVD brings the spirit of Angela's teachings into your home.

In the review by Richard Rosen printed in the Yoga Journal.
He ends the review with:
"Farmer is a great joy to watch. She's that rare personality (T.K.V. Desikachar and Lilias Folan are others who come to mind) who can reach right through the TV screen and touch your soul. I don't usually get too excited over the videos I review, but this one is special, and it gets my highest recommendation."

"Farmer's Video beautifully demonstrates how to open every cell in your body with movement."
– D.K. Howe, American Fitness

"A truly inspiring video for any woman or man who wants to come in touch with the essence of living and moving from the feminine."
– Meta Lolotea, Yoga International

"I received the DVD just a while ago! It is amazing! Well done! Beautiful bodies and Angela looks and sounds "other worldly"! I do not mean that in a negative way but a very profound, feminine and spiritual energetic force. Powerful yet gentle. WOW, WOW, WOW! This will certainly inspire me to do more yoga."
– Barbara Angelica Crowe

"Farmer's remarkable spiritual autobiography describes her journey as a yogini."
– Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal

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