Amazing Grace: S.E.O. and Getting Found in the Google Search Engine

There's all kinds of information out here about S.E.O. (search engine optimization) how to get top rankings in Google...

I don't pretend to be a marketing expert, but I have allies in the S.E.O. and social internet marketing industries that can help us create a game plan for further marketing your site, if you so choose.

If you're serious about S.E.O., much of this type of work might happen even BEFORE we build your actual site -- writing it, for example, is a key place to utilize the expertise of an S.E.O. professional.

Internet marketing experts can help de-mystify things like:

How to research your keywords with examples.

How to choose keywords that will bring you massive traffic and sales. (Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be just a waste of time.)

Building and Optimizing your website for Google the most effective way.

Meta Tags - Yes, they are still important.

Which code to use to optimize so that Google will love your site and you will prosper in the search engines.

The best way to make your website relevant to search engines is to think like them, some companies promise to show you how.

Which techniques to implement in order to gain high rankings in Google.

The 2 Meta Tags absolutely critical to controlling Google.

Getting critical In-Bound links to your site - without reciprocal linking.

How to guarantee that Google crawls your entire site - from one page. How to keep Google from indexing sensitive information on your site.

Google Analytics and Site Maps -- an edge over your competition.

Learn how to get your site into the Open Directory Project (and potentially listed in 312 other directories from this one!)

Learn how to use "Spiderbait" - i.e. get Google to come to your site and index your pages within 4 days!

PageRank - Its affect on your rankings and how to build your site's PageRank Reciprocal Linking - Why it works and how to make it work for your site.

* * *

These are just a few examples of services I found online. Every company will treat your project a bit differently, and prices vary.

* * *

Here's another link to do some more of your own search engine optimization research.

Google Analytics
IQ Lessons

Follow these lessons to prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test or to simply become a more knowledgeable Google Analytics user. The presentations move quickly; use the Pause and Back buttons to make sure that you don't miss anything. You can click the Notes tab in the presentation to read what is being said. Access to a Google Analytics account is strongly recommended so that you can experiment and apply what you learn.


Welcome. 9-VOLT Design is a locally owned and operated* creative company specializing in highly customized web sites, blogs; graphic design and identity for small businesses and individuals. Sharing ideasworks. Among the most important questions: who are you?

You are aYOUbsolutely

Collaboration: I think this must be part of the new American galactic dream. I can help you visualize ideas about moving forward in the world. I can boost your online visibility and credibility; modernize your web site, your logo,your brand; streamline your messages and move you on your way to getting what we're all wanting out of our many and varied relationships: fuller and more integrated expressions of ourselves...

Clips of New Work

Logo for Stu Batty Tools

Stu Batty Tools LOGO

Mercry's Messengers - flier for a postersing service for my very groovy and talented new
friend Sondra in Boulder, CO. Logo and poster design by 9-VOLT.

Laura Klein LogoHoney Tree back

CD Booklet for The ArtsCenter / Business Card for Java Stop

Laura Klein Logo

Postcard/Invitation for MCE Gala

Honey Tree Biz CardHoney Tree back

Business Card Honey Tree Preschool (front and back)

Laura Klein Logo    Laura Klein Logo

Logo Sandy Hall Creations / Logo Robert McWilliams

wink heads and threadsHoney Tree backHoney Tree back

Revised logo for Wink salon in Asheville / Laura Klein Photograpy business card, front and back

Mary Geitner {Designer}

My employment over the past 15 years has been concentrated in the communications sector: PR, advertising and sales, and finally, in 1999, visual communications. I worked as an Associate Art Director for a full-service advertising agency in 1999, took design and software classes on the side, and developed 9-VOLT formally three years later in Asheville, NC. *I have since lived and worked in Boston, New York, and I now call Boulder County, Colorado home.

I provide creative services to a growing client base of over 75 small businesses and individuals across the United States

One benefit to having a single force behind the development of your visual identity (web site, logo, business cards, advertising, etc.) is the assurance that your identity -- no matter where your patrons find it -- adheres to a smartly developed and consistent aesthetic. This is where memorable, attractive branding starts, which is the underlying principle in all of my work.

Being nimble and listening well are traits I value and depend on during all projects regardless of size and scope, from concept to completion. I have no trouble distilling unique, concrete and highly customized visual ideas from abstract thoughts or gut "feelings", which is how design begins for a lot of people.

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